Are Tree Problems Over Your Head?

Work with our professional tree removal company in Montrose, PA

JJ Carpenter Tree & Timber Services is a fully insured tree removal company based in Montrose, PA and serving surrounding areas. We have 25 years of experience removing all kinds of trees from residential and commercial properties. It doesn't matter if you're doing site preparation work, you're making your property safer or you're harvesting timber, we can deal with any tree or obstacle.

You can call 570-250-0435 now to get in touch with JJ himself and he will be happy to give you a free estimate on your project.

Hire us to get rid of your tree stumps

Do you need a local stump grinding service in the Montrose, PA area? JJ Carpenter Tree & Timber Services is just the team to trust. Our company operates multiple chippers and stump grinders to complete any job that we're faced with. You can rely on us to effectively grind down and remove any tree stump without causing further damage.

If you want to reclaim your yard, reach out to our team to schedule local stump grinding services.

Discover all the ways we can help you

Taking care of your yard is tough work. If you need professional assistance, JJ Carpenter Tree & Timber Services can come to your aid.

You can count on us for:

  • Emergency tree services
  • Large tree removal
  • Stump grinding services
  • Professional stump removal
  • Land clearing contracting
  • Brush removal services
  • Logging contracting
  • Timber harvesting services
  • There are many different ways that we can help your property stay in tiptop shape. If you're ready to tackle your next project, contact us today to speak with our trusted land clearing contractors in Montrose, PA.